Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best Tasting Swag Ever

I learned an enormous amount this past weekend at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference. I am still thinking through everything and will continue to post my thoughts as I process it all.

Along with all the learning, we also came home with lots of swag (goodies). I just have 4 words for all of you who are reading this… Biscoff European Cookie Spread!!

Whoever invented this stuff was genius!! Basically, it is like peanut butter but it is made out of cookies. Biscoff's website gives information about how it came to be if you are interested in reading that.

According to Biscoff, Walmart is the distributor for Biscoff Spread here in Arkansas. When my swag jar is gone, I will definitely be looking for some more.


  1. BEST STUFF EVER!!! I'd never heard of it before, but did know about the "airplane cookies" I always look forward to when I fly anywhere. Who knew that someone made a spread out of them? An awesome, bring-tears-to-your-eyes spread! Yep, I'm a total fan girl over this stuff. :-)

  2. Fan girl for sure!! I am not sure I've even ever heard of the cookies before this weekend (or at least that I can remember), but the spread, unforgettable!

  3. My son really appreciated this offering from my swag and is officially addicted - a teen boy who tells other teen boys about something that is AWESOME to EAT ... I'm thinking we should buy stock, might be a great idea as purchasing will be on the rise! Um hummm and yumm yumm!!!

    1. Tracey, I think you may be on to something! Wish there was a "like" button for blog comments!! :)