Monday, May 5, 2014

A Wish Fulfilled

Left to Right: Angelia, Jenel, Thomas, Lexa
Meet my friends, Thomas, Angelia, Jenel, and Lexa Carpenter. This family is like none I’ve ever met, and I would venture to guess, I won’t meet another one like them in my lifetime. They ALL inspire me to greatness!

Their son, Buck, died in a car accident in 2011, but his legacy is growing each and every day! Because of a wish Buck made in Kindergarten, Buck’s family is traveling to Africa to give toys to kids. I could tell you his story, but hearing it from his mom’s heart is better than me telling it.

On October 20, 2011 our 8 year old son, Buck, was taken to heaven in a car accident. Shortly after the wreck we were invited to Africa for a missions endeavor.

While preparing for the trip we came across a Kindergarten school assignment. Buck was asked to complete this sentence:
"I wish every kid could..." his teacher said without hesitation he replied, "I wish every kid could have toys to play with in Africa!"

As the Lord would have it, on October 20, 2012, we were in Africa on the "one year anniversary" of Buck's home going- passing out his toys to homeless kids. Then 10 days later, October 30, we visited an informal settlement called Red Hill. Again, we passed out toys in Buck's memory; this would have been his 10th birthday. This experience was a great work of Redemption for us!

Many toys have been donated to us for Africa even though we have never asked for one. God just sends them. :)

Last year the Chi Alpha group from UCA carried 50 bags of toys to children in South Africa. We also included a notebook, pencil, toothbrush and toothpaste. They deserve things they "need" as well! Lord willing 50 more bags will go with Chi Alpha students this year in May.

My husband, Thomas and I along with our two daughters, Jenel and Lexa will be going to Africa in June. This will be our daughters first time to go. We are looking forward to handing out Buck's Toys together!

This family has been a great encouragement to me. They have walked through hard times and faced them with an unwavering faith in God. They understand what it means to Trust God and they live it out each and every day.

They are still raising funds to get them to Africa in just a few short weeks. Here are some ways that you can help make a difference in the lives of kids in Africa!

Buy "A Heart 4 Africa" Necklace
I am making and selling necklaces to raise some money for their trip and for other expenses related to Buck's Toys 4 Africa. You can order one from my Etsy Shop. There are two different types to choose from.

Online Donations
If you would like to make a donation to Buck's Toys online, you can do so through the Special Touch Ministry Website at Choose Thomas & Angelia Carpenter in the missionary name drop down and put "Buck's Toys" in the notes column. Then enter the amount you would like to give and select submit and it will take you through the rest of the donation process.

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Help spread the word by sharing, re-tweeting, and re-pinning using the hashtag #buckstoys4africa.

Pray for Them
Pray for this family as they finish preparing to go to Africa and while they are there. If you will follow them on social media, you will get updates along their journey. Pray for provision for the remaining funds needed. Pray for safety as they travel and for divine appointments while they are there!

Here are a few pictures of their last trip to Africa in October 2011 and the Chi Alpha trip to Africa Summer 2013.