Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love Is...

I sometimes think that we have a misconstrued idea of what love is. When most people use the word love or think about love, they tend to think about what they felt like when they were dating a certain person or what they want someone to make them feel like some day. They put a great deal of emphasis on feelings and emotions. That is a natural part of human love, but there is far more to love than feelings and emotions.

The Bible is full of verses about love. How much God loves us and how we can show Him our love in return. How we should love our families and a command to love our enemies. How to love friends and how to love the random people we meet from day to day.

Lately, I have had a burden in my heart concerning love. I have decided to write about it and post it here. I can’t tell you I will post every three days, or once a week, or anything like that. I will post as I feel led and complete a thought on a certain aspect of love. I am praying in this that someone else will be blessed and may consider something they haven’t before. My goal in writing is only to express the things I have learned lately in hopes that it will benefit others.


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