Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Simple Life

I remember a time in my life when things seemed simple. A time where the most important thing I had to worry about was how many boxes of girl scout cookies I could sell this year. A time where the most difficult decisions I had to make was which shirt I was going to wear to school today. Where did the simple times go?

Is life more difficult because I am an adult now or is life changing all together? Being an adult brings on its own set of responsibilities that I didn't have to worry with as a child, but I really think that life is getting harder over all. Things that used to be simple are so complex now. Things that are supposed to make life simple, add layers of complexity that cause more stress. 

A good example of this is simple communication with a friend. When I was a kid, if I wanted to communicate with someone, you basically either had to talk to them face to face, call them on the phone, or send them a letter by snail mail. When I was a teenager (or around that time) we got the internet at home and added email as a means of communication. Then there were cell phones and pagers and now we add texting and social media outlets to the list of endless ways to communicate with people.

Before all the technology, I could call someone and they would answer and talk to me. Now I don't know how I should try and get a hold of someone and when I try they sometimes don't respond. Come to find out later, they saw your text, email, or facebook message, they just didn't reply. It is easy to hide behind the technology to avoid people and it makes it more difficult to communicate.

This is just one example. I love technology as much as anyone, but some days, I just want the simple life back!!

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